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   Class: Reptilia
Order Family Reptiles Found
Scientific Name Common Name
Chelonia Emydidae
Sauria trijgua Pond Terrapin
Order Family Reptiles

Scientific Name


Common Name
Sauria Gekkonidae
Hemidactylus triedrus Termite Hill Gecko
Hemidactylus maculatus Rock Gecko
Hemidactylus frenatus Southern House Gecko
Sauria Agamidae
Calotes versicolor Common Garden Lizard
Psammophilus dorsalis Peninsular Rock Agma
Sauria Chamaeleonidae
Chamaeleon zeylanicus Indian Chemaeleon
Sauria Scincidae
Mabuya carinata Common Skink
Riopa punctata Snake Skink
Sauria Varanidae
Varanus bengalensis Monitor Lizard
Squamata Typlopidae
Typhlina sp Blind or Worm snake
Squamata Boidae
Python molurus Rock Python
Squamata Dipsadidae
Lycodon aulicus Common Wolf snake
Squamata Natricidae
Xenochrophis piscator Checkered Keelback
Ahaetulla nasutus Green Whip snake
Squamata Columbridae
Ptyas mucosus Rat snake
Squamata Elapidae
Naja naja Spectacled Cobra
Squamata Viperidae
Vipera russeli Russel's Viper


   Class: Amphibia
Order Family Amphibians

Scientific Name


Common Name
Bufo melanosticus Common Indian Toad
Bufo microtympanum Southern Hill Toad
Anura Bufonidae
Anura Microhylidae
Kaloula pulchra Painted Frog
Uperodon systoma Marbled Ballon frog
Microhyla rubra Red Microhylid
Microhyla ornate Ornate Microhylid


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